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     Porcelain Sky is an alternative metal band formed in 2015 hailing from Vancouver B.C, Canada. The group, founded by Ray Smith (guitar) and Jonny Guillen (drums), was the result of years playing in previous bands such as Moniker and Last Shelter, who had played shows around the Vancouver area and Sunshine Coast since 2010. After the break-up of Last Shelter, Ray and Jonny decided to take a different approach to their writing style, and recruited ex- Last Shelter member Craig Livie to supply the vocals. After a year of writing and perfecting their music, the band was able to recruit Stanley Tsang (bass) to complete the roster.

     The band has named Tool, The Tea Party, Mudvayne, Stone Temple Pilots and Animals As Leaders as being their influences. Because of the variety of styles included in their list, they are able to create music that sits on the cusp of hard rock, and metal; technical and accessible. The band is known for their dynamics; going from heavy to soft and back, as well as hitting the listeners with odd time signatures, with guitar and bass dancing around each other, while melodic vocals soar over to complete the sound.

     In January 2016, Porcelain Sky released a demo including 4 songs. They are currently in the process of writing more music, and they are ready to hit the stage to showcase them live.

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